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Markian Tarasiuk, Kayvon Khoshkam & Mike Gill

The three friends met doing theatre in Vancouver and run SpeakEasy Theatre. They now sit in their bedrooms and host this podcast together.

Markian Tarasiuk

Markian is an actor and producer with the Cinematics Creation Company. Fav movies: Superbad (comedy), The Mummy (action) and Birdman (drama).

KAyvon KHoshkam

Kayvon Khoshkam is an actor and director. Fav movies: Dumb and Dumber (comedy), Face/Off (action) and Malcolm X (drama).

Mike Gill

Mike Gill is an actor and oyster shucker. Fav movies: The Life Aquatic (comedy), Muppet Treasure Island (action) and Thunder Road (drama).